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Who We Are . . .

Ragdoll Rescue NW is a small rescue that provides rescue, transport, housing, rehabilitation, and adoption placement for Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll "Wannabes". We are a group of volunteers located in Oregon and Washington. The group was formed in 2003, and has rescued, rehomed or helped more than 200 cats of all breeds as of 2008. We do not have a physical shelter building, and all cats are cared for in our volunteer foster homes.

How We Can Help . . .

If you have a Ragdoll or Wannabe cat who needs a new home, there are several ways we can help. If you live in the state of Oregon and Washington, we can help with rehoming and/or foster care. There is often a 1 to 2 month wait for a foster home, especially during summer months. If you live outside of the Oregon/Washington area, with some stipulations we can also "courtesy post" cats in need. If you have a cat with behavioral issues, we can help you and your cat with many issues (including litter box avoidance) with great success. We can also help point people to resources they may need such as "pet-friendly housing", "low-cost vet care", and "spay/neuter services". Many times we can refer you to other "no-kill" or "low-kill shelters" or rescues in your area. We often search for available Ragdolls in other parts of the country for people looking to adopt outside our area.

If You Want to Adopt . . .

Feel free to ask us anything except "Do you have Ragdoll kittens?" We have never and I hope we never EVER get a purebred Ragdoll kitten into rescue, because that will be a sad day indeed. We do not as a general rule even have Ragdoll Wannabe kittens for adoption because the adults need our help so much more. We do have however many wonderful purebred adult Ragdolls at most times, but be aware that most are not what many people feel are young—they are typically 5-8 years old. Please keep in mind that Ragdolls mature very slowly and adult cats can bond as well if not better than kittens do in my experience! And with proper introductions, most cats will be fine joining a family of other pet-friendly pets, and all our cats are evaluated for likes and dislikes before we consider placement.

We do not adopt first come/first serve; we do our adoptions from the standpoint of what the cat needs in the perfect home, and not just what the adopters are looking for in a cat. We have found doing adoptions this way has a much better rate of long-term success. So please read each cat's bio carefully, making sure you meet its needs before you fill out our "Preliminary Screening Application" (PSA) for a kitty we have for adoption. Filling out our PSA is not a guarantee of adoption, but it is always the first step towards a possible match! Feel free to fill out our PSA even if we don't have a kitty that appears to be a good match. We get more cats in all the time and we often know of many elsewhere that might be a good fit. We will keep your PSA for at least six months and contact you if one comes along that is a good match.

Why Ragdolls? . . .

In the past we have helped other breeds and domestics find their perfect homes, but in the last few years we have had to limit our rescue activity to only Ragdolls and Ragdoll Wannabes (long-haired, pointed, with or without white, always blue-eyed and usually large cats with the Ragdoll temperament). We just don't have enough foster homes to help the number of domestics that need help finding homes. Since we started out to be a rescue for Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll Wannabes, the time came that we had to turn away Ragdolls in need because our foster homes were full with hard-to-place domestic cats. I personally love all cats the same; I am not a snob about breeds at all, it is just a fact that we are "Ragdoll Rescue NW" and people look to us for the rescue, placement, and adoption of Ragdolls. The domestic breed cats just don't get the notice they deserve within our rescue, they end up having to spend more time in foster care and that just isn't fair to them.

Our Dreams for the Future . . .

We hope the future ultimately leads us to less Ragdolls in need of help. We also hope to someday have enough volunteers and financial support to have a "home" and "sanctuary" for Ragdolls and Wannabes who are in need of new homes or who, due to issues or health and age, are less likely to be adopted. I don't like to call it a shelter because that brings up the picture of cages full of sad looking cats. I would like it to be a home setting that does give shelter to homeless Ragdolls where people can come meet the kitties at their best. They would have round-the-clock company, comfortable furniture, toys, and scratching posts. Social cats will have communal rooms with other cats, and those who prefer would have their own small bedrooms to themselves. We would always have the need for fosters outside the main "Home" for overflow and for those kitties that need more one-on-one time. Most of all, we need a home-like environment for the cats that need a sanctuary for their possible lifetime; we see more and more cats that are unadoptable or that take a very long time to find adopters due to litter box issues that can't be resolved, old age, or health. These "unadoptable" cats still deserve to be loved unconditionally and cared for, and they are the ones that many rescues won't take and that are at the most risk of being put to sleep in shelters.

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